Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who's Awesome Now?

This evening, I had a speaking engagement at a class that my church is currently offering. As part of the teaching, I chose to use clips from the movie Toy Story to illustrate certain points. Before I went on stage, I was discussing with our production team (and particularly our video tech) about the importance of the timing on the movie clips as well as an additional power point slide that I would be using and reminding him that if the timing was off, it would greatly affect the impact of the clips.

The teaching went great. All of the points were made and lives were impacted. The media side of the teaching went off without a hitch. Our video tech was brilliant as his timing was perfect. Smooth…all the way.

At the end of the evening, a few of us were standing around when someone made the comment to our video tech that he did a good job tonight. He immediately responded by pointing at me and saying “Just doing my part to make him look awesome.”


Just doing his part to make me look awesome?

He didn’t even say ‘thank you.’ He just humbly expressed that he did what he did to make someone else look good.

So, then I got to thinking…who did I make look awesome today? What part did I play in making others look awesome today? I could immediately recall one instance, in particular, where I made someone look stupid today (which I did apologize for)….but awesome?

I wonder just how much more incredible this world would be if more of us spent a little more time ‘just doing our part to make those around us look awesome?’

I wonder just how much more amazing my world would be if I spent a little more time ‘just doing my part to make those around me look awesome?’

In an ‘it’s all about me world’ it sure does seem upside down.

And it sure does seem right.

So, today, what part are we going to play in making those around us look awesome?

What part are you going to play?