Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You Can't Judge a Book By Its Cover

About two months ago, I was browsing my bookshelf and a very plain looking book caught my eye. The book is Spiritual Authority by Watchman Nee. This book has been on my shelf for about 5 years now, but for whatever reason (I think it’s because the cover of this book lacks pizzazz) I have not picked it up before.

Well, today I am reading through the book for the second time in 2 months and it is changing my life.

God seems to be doing a number on me, page by page. It is difficult to even put into words what I am learning right now. I do intend to revisit this subject and try to express in a future blog what I am learning.

As far as today goes, I just thought I would give you a couple of challenging quotes straight from the pages of Spiritual Authority:

“Whoever has met authority deals purely with authority and not with man. Let us not see the man but only the authority vested in him. We do not obey man but God’s authority in that man.”

“As man’s obedience increases, his actions decrease. When we first begin to follow the Lord we are full of activity but quite short on obedience. But as we advance in spirituality our actions gradually diminish until we are filled with obedience. Many, however, do what they like and refuse to do what they dislike. They never ponder whether or not they are acting out of obedience. Hence many works are done out of self and not in obedience to God.”

“Many consider themselves obedient to God while actually knowing nothing of being subject to God’s delegated authority. He who is truly obedient will find God’s authority in ever circumstance, in the home, and in other institutions…Special attention must be paid each time words of reviling are uttered. Such words should not be idly spoken. Reviling proves that there is a rebellious spirit within; it is the germination of rebellion.”

“Only a fool takes pleasure in the failure of delegated authority. He who dislikes God’s delegate dislikes God Himself. It is the rebellious nature of man that makes him want to obey God’s direct authority without being subject to the delegated authorities God has established.”

“To be an authority is to represent God. Whether it be in wrath or mercy, an authority must always be like God…A delegated authority is supposed to manage affairs for God.”

“A person who has known authority will naturally try to find authority wherever he goes…the Christian will look for and find authority everywhere.”

“Only those who do not know authority are those who wish to be authorities.”

Those of you who know me well know that I am always recommending books. Well, today is no different.

This book is defenitely worth checking out.