Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hoping Jesus Doesn't Return....Yet

Harold Camping has predicted that Jesus is coming back and the world is going to end on Saturday, May 21, 2011. Yes, for those of you reading this post on it's published date, that is in 2 days.

I, for one, certainly hope this guy is wrong. (Actually, in no way do I believe this to be true, since Jesus says that he doesn't even know when he's returning but only God the father does. It seems odd that God would tell Harold before he told himself.)

The idea of Jesus coming back has always been a bit difficult for me. I've often heard people say they 'can't wait for Jesus to come back' or they 'so look forward to the glorious day when Jesus returns'. I get it - kind of. But honestly, I've never felt that same level of excitement about it. For the longest time, I figured it made me a bad Christian. Over the past couple of years however, I have become quite comfortable with my feelings and actually believe that it's okay to hope Jesus doesn't come back quite yet.

The problem for me is that there are a number of things that I still want to see, do and experience on this beautiful planet before God comes and restores it. Now, I certainly understand that a new heavens and reclaimed earth are going to be much better than the current one(s) however, I can't help but think that there are still a few things here and now that I would like to see how they play out:

  1. I want to know what kind of men my boys will grow up to be.
  2. I want to know what it's like to walk through a lifetime and grow old with the woman that I love.
  3. I want a number of people in my life to have a real, tangible experience with Jesus that brings healing to them and leads them to an even richer, more beautiful life journey.
  4. I want to know if the Saints will win another Superbowl (It's still so surreal to be able to use the word 'another' in that sentence.)
  5. I want to experience more of the church actually being god's people and reflecting his beauty and glory and representing him well to all of creation and humanity - drawing people to the resurrected Jesus, this side of the restoration of all things.
  6. I want to continue learning how to live more the way of Jesus, having my heart and character transformed in the middle of crap.
  7. I want to meet and raise my Zoe.

I'm no dummy. I understand that even if Jesus doesn't return for hundreds of years and I actually do get to see these things play out, there is no guarantee that they will play out well or the way I hope for. I also believe that if Jesus does come back on Saturday, none of the above items will matter to me anymore. I know in my heart that the restored, reclaimed, reconciled, redeemed, new heavens and earth will be quite nice, but in the highly likely event that he doesn't come back....

Well, these are just a few of the things I'm working towards, dreaming about and looking forward to.

How about you? Have you ever felt a bit ashamed by not sharing others exuberance about the sudden return of Jesus?

What dreams in your own life has God placed in your heart that you would still like to see play out?


emmily said...

couldn't agree more. my human brain can only fathom seeing my boys as men, dying next to Tad in our sleep (we pinky swore that's how our life will end), and looking back on a fully lived life...jesus returning on Saturday would definitely put a cramp on all that. being the procrastinator that i am, i don't do my best work until i know it is almost "due"...maybe i'll just spread a whole lotta love tomorrow...just in case ;)

Betty said...

Coming from a family that spent more time trying to understand Revelation than trying to live as Christ lived, I struggled a lot with not wanting Christ to come quite yet. I have finally came to peace with the fact that I don't want it to happen yet. I figure that if Christ comes back sooner and not later, I know I am his child and if he comes later, I know he has laid desires on my heart and I will honor him by living for him. Either way, I'm right where he wants me to be!

brian jeansonne said...

@emmily: pinky swore, huh? that's brilliant! don't know why i didn't think of that. As for the procrastinator: get to work friend. It's Friday!

@betty: more time trying to understand revelation than live as christ - that's heavy. I definitely catch your heart on that one. You seem to be in an awesome place these days as you've worked through that type of upbringing.

travis said...

My view on this is the same as if Michelle was to get pregnant right now. If she gets pregnant thank God, if she doesn't get preggers PRAISE God! There are still a ton of things I want to do like you I want to be a father and raise my kids, have grandchildren, a house, see Italy, own a motorcycle, etc etc...

I'm fine with God coming back right now, but at the same time if he wants to sit down on his lazyboy, pop a few back and finish watching his show that is fine with me too.

Lindsay said...

This post almost makes me cry...I actually might while I am writing this.

I feel the same way! I SO wanted to become a mother before Jesus comes back. I too know that if he had come back before we had our precious baby that it would really be OK because we would be in the new heavens and new earth, but I REALLY wanted that experience. I fully believe that is one thing he created me for and I want to have our children with us for eternity! Now I want to add to our family and see who our babies grow up to be and I want to see them share my love for Jesus!
I want more time to make my life count.
I want more time to become more like Jesus.

JB said...

Seems like the day to do it is May one will be expecting the 22nd.

fuel52 said...

I usually am pretty entertained by these guys educated beyond their intelligence telling us when Jesus is coming back. My stock answer to this lately is: Jesus is coming on May 21st? He is?? And you know this for sure?

Also, why do these guys seem to always come from Texas?? What is it about that state that produces so many interesting people that prefers examining and teaching the book of Revelation rather than what Jesus would have us be focusing on now, while we're alive and it's relevant. I may never get it.

Moving on...

- I would certainly like to see my kids grow up and watch them through to adulthood. That would be a great dream come true.

- I'd like to ride a roller coaster with my kids. Another dream come true.

- Make a difference in someone's life not from this my country.

- Become the man my wife deserves. This may take a while Jesus...

P.S. Saints WILL win another superbowl, maybe this very year!

Rebeca Milford said...

Brian I have to say that reading this I felt a bit sad. I know in my heart the Jesus is not coming on the 21st at 6p, maybe 6:05pm (joke) but either way I feel like you, I am not ready for this life to end just yet. I know that I would like to see Ali my oldest go to Zambia in July and I would like to see what Gabrielle is going to accomplish. I know that she is going to be something great. I want to see my sons as adults living their lives to the fullest.

On the other side of this I am excited about the end. I want to meet people I have lost. I want to wake up pain free (emotional and physical) I want to find complete happiness. With that said I still would like another 100 years or so to try to fix all of my past wrongs and time enough to love those that have hurt me. Besides I am looking forward to the baptisms in June. I am feeling compelled to get baptized!!! :)