Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Stories: Pursuing Passion

Some people do. Some people are. I have a friend who is a dancer. Not an Aaron Rodgers kind of dancer, but a real dancer. For years, she has been working through and trying to figure out how to continue to pursue her hearts passion for dancing even though dancing does not necessarily pay the bills. For years I have been wondering...
'What's her deal? Dancing isn't cutting it, go out and find a job that will bring in enough money to support yourself, and then just dance on the side.'
Over the past 2 years, I have been on a journey towards identifying my own life passion and heart. Not so much a 'what I do' but more of a 'who I am'.

I have come to realize that you can't make yourself be something that you are not and you can't not be something that you are.

My friend is an artist. She is a dancer. It's not what she does. It's who she is. And so, for her, she has spent and will spend her days, her months, her years and her life 'doing' whatever she has to do to make ends meet in order to be able to continue her art, be true to herself and truly be who she is.

For this, I am grateful. So, to this friend, continue being you. You make a wonderful you. And may the rest of us continue to figure out who we are (and who we're not) and then be the best that we can be - no matter what the cost.


Pi Man said...

"You can't make yourself be something that you are not, and you can't not be something that you are" is not only a wise statement, but a brutally honest observation, Brian. We can all benefit from embracing its truth, so thank you for that. And I applaud the support you are showing your friend. Peace. TA

Laurie Matherne said...

I think we are all evolving into who we will ultimately be. I have been a teacher. I have been other things. Now I am leading a few small projects in Honduras. And I enjoy writing on the side. Most of all I want to be a person who invests my life into the lives of others. For instance, today I "did' many things. But I went out of my regular routine to take an old man and his daughters to the hospital. They could have taken a taxi or a bus. I think that was the best thing I did was spend time with this family as we drove to the hospital, and I just spent time with them. Yes, I was late getting home. I won't have time for my regular exercise routine today. But I invested my time wisely I think.