Friday, February 10, 2012

Sunday Stories: A Beautiful Gift

Mr. Incredible
My 7 year old might be an artist. He has loved drawing since he was four. The thing is, his drawings aren't like most little kid drawings; his are actually pretty good. He has this creative side that simply pours out of him.

Last week, he drew a picture for the assistant principal at his school. When he took it to the office to deliver it, the secretary intercepted him and said that she would make sure the assistant principal got it. When the secretary looked at this hand drawn picture, she was intrigued by the detail of the drawing. She asked my son if he had ever taken art or was in the art program. Since we didn't even know the school had an art program, he obviously said, "no". 

This week, my 7 year old came home from school incredibly excited because on that particular day, he had been invited to leave his friends and the mundane normalcy of first grade during one period in order to go to art class. It turns out that the secretary took it upon herself to speak to the art teacher about the potential talent in this young first grader.

Some might say, she's just a secretary. That seems to be a nasty habit in our culture. I like to think however that she is one who empowers others. I believe this woman has has a beautiful gift, an eye, an ability to recognize the beauty and potential in others and do all that's in her power to pull it out of them. Whether or not my son excels in his art, I will be happy with all that his art teachers teach him along the way, but I will forever be appreciative and grateful from the deepest parts of my being for the secretary who took time to notice what is inside of my son and to nurture and encourage his young heart.


Laurie Matherne said...

Good story, Brian. My nephew was a budding artist. As a young adult at LSU now, he uses his artistic talents in engineering. He thought about different ways to use his creativity. He is a top student in engineering, but he started art classes in the same way as your child, upon the recommendation of adults at his school who recognized his budding talents at a young age.

Chad Estes said...

I love this post. I love this secretary. I love your son. Thank you so much for posting this.

Angie Palmer said...

That's awesome. Same thing happened to me when I was younger. I still remember all of my art teachers along the way and the teacher who asked me if I wanted to go to Art Camp.