Sunday, March 1, 2015

This is Your Place

We walk thru city streets torn with war
Where bullets have been married to the gods we adore
Our schools are no longer places where kids can be safe
But now serve as graves filled up by those breathing hate
The cries of mothers for sons swept off into war
And daughter’s now slaves forced to take off their clothes
Stand strong, for this is your place

Our souls cry for peace
Yet our wills can only see thru blood shaded lenses
The smell of death and rage fills our senses
Injustice surrounds and vengeance courses thru our veins
But we know to fight the fight with the same fight
By flexing our might in order to fright
Brings temporary pause but ultimately leads us away from the light
Stand strong, for this is your place

Where the hooker and dealer, the addict and drunk
Where the black man and white cop, the athlete and klutz
Where the dreamers and wannabees, the 6 figures and sluts
Where we meet in that place, face to face and we see
There is no difference between you and me,
For they is we and me is them, there is only one
There is only us
So, stand strong for this is your place

Right here in the middle where blood mixes with tears
When the cries in our hearts fill our deaf ears
We run and we know that this can no longer be
We stand and we fight but our weapon is not
What is used by those who aren’t free
We cannot stand by, we can no longer reciprocate
For when we hate hate with hate
We shall invoke the same fate
A stone heart and blind eyes that cannot see
That if there is no you
Then there is no me

Stand strong, for this is your place.

© Brian Jeansonne 2015

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Darren Gomez said...

This is great! It's starts out deep and stays there, but in a good way!