Sunday, February 25, 2007

Reclaiming to Restore - Part II

Part 2 of 4

But even in those wonderful early days, there were two ways:

There was: the way of God

The way He created things to be;

The way He designed things to be.

And should mankind choose the way of God, then man and woman would experience life to the absolute fullest.

But remember, there were two ways:

The way of God

And there was: the ‘other’ way

A life that could be lived ‘outside’ of the way God designed things to be.

Basically, it’s the rules of the roof concept:

For anyone who has kids or has ever been a kid, you more than likely understand the ‘rules of the roof’ concept.

If you’re going to live under this roof then you will follow these rules.

The rules of the roof are not designed to make life easier for the maker of the rules, but are designed with the follower of the rules in mind.

These rules / guidelines are in place so that one may more enjoy life.

The creator of guidelines is in essence saying, “I know what is best for you…though you might not believe that, I know what is best for you, so here are some guidelines to better help you get the most out of life.”

In our house we have rules of the roof for our boys:

They’re simple:

No jumping off of the top bunk

No opening the front door

No running to the van without mommy or daddy

No climbing on the counters

No taking the knives out of the dishwasher

No sitting on your brothers heads

When you choose to live by the ‘rules of the roof’ life is good, because you are safe.

The rules are for your own good.

They are the best way.

Sadly however….God’s creation chose the way ‘outside’ of God’s design.

The day that Adam and Eve chose to eat the fruit from The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, they in essence chose rebellion.

They chose their own way over God’s way.

They chose to disobey the ‘rules of the roof’

And on that dreadful day, with the simple act of eating a piece of fruit and a more deliberate heart motive that says, “I know better than you, God”, the kingdom of darkness was given a place to manifest itself and with it came:









The absence of goodness

The absence of God – His rule and His reign.

Harmony was broken.

Relationships were broken.

Creation was tarnished.

Culture was blemished.

The Creator of the Universe was heart broken.

In that one simple act of deliberate disobedience, mankind robbed himself of living a life to the absolute fullest

Sin messed up God’s good thing.

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